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Blowing Off Date

By J.R. Reed aka Sexandthesingledad

There are times guys think with the head on their shoulders and times they think with the one between their thighs. When it comes to women, chances are about 50-50 that we will make the wrong decision when thinking with the brain. As bad as that sounds, it’s much better than the 95% failure rate we have when we let our junk do our thinking for us.

There was one such occasion where I let the penis make a decision and it ended up bringing me a bit of grief and misery. To this day I occasionally chastise myself for even getting involved. She was all kinds of hot, but in the end I blew her off because she got very clingy, very quickly.

I looked at her online profile and all I saw was an extremely attractive girl-next-door type. That is, if the girl next door has what appeared to be a fairly new set of D cups (possibly double D) that she was looking to try out and show off. I scoured her profile and tried desperately to find something in common with her. I wanted to send her an e-mail, but wanted it to be more than, “Hi. You seem cool. I’d love to hear from you.” I somehow found something cute and clever to say and sent off the initial e-mail.

She responded quicker than I thought and seemed quite enamored with me. We traded a couple e-mails, had a short phone conversation and decided to meet in person. You need to keep in mind, that the phone conversation was so short because she didn’t bring a lot to the party when it came to conversation and charm. I don’t want to say she was stupid, because I’m not sure about her intellect, but I can say for certain that she was no linguist. (Although she did this one thing with her mouth…)

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I made that date because I let my cock do the thinking for me. It was saying, “Dude. You know you wanna. Look at that body. Imagine the things you could try…” I guess I figured that because she was so hot, that she deserved a couple of dates to see if I could find a reason to be interested when she was clothed.

We went out a couple of times and she had some actual personality, but I realized that things would get very mundane very quickly. She, on the other hand, thought I was exactly what she had been searching for and was all over me constantly. The part of me that wanted to see and experience her naked, thought this was perfect. The rest of me wasn’t so cool with it.

Halfway through the third date I knew I couldn’t keep doing this. The sex was good—not great, but not bad. Her body was totally rockin, but I couldn’t keep going out with her if there was no substance. I tried asking what she was feeling, but that led to me finding out about her plan for me to meet her parents and what did I think about having brunch with her BFF on Sunday? Ugh.

I told her that I was having a hard time finding anything we had in common (aside from our obvious enjoyment of sex with each other) and that I wasn’t sure I could see this as a long-term thing. She kind of went off on me, telling me I was mis-leading her (I assured her I wasn’t) and accusing me of wanting to go out with her only because of her looks. (I had no argument for the second one).

When all was said and done, I blew her off not because we had nothing in common, but because she got too serious too fast. I was an asshole in that I would give her a longer shot than I would a less attractive woman, but I know I made the right decision when I pulled the cord on meeting the parents and the BFF after only three dates.

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