A Woman’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… He’s Sexting After Breaking Up

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By The Single Mom’s Dating Diary

When I read his text, I couldn’t believe it. He said, “I don’t see a future together.” WTF?

Everything had been going so perfectly, he was exactly what I’d been hoping I’d find someday. We liked everything about each other, our senses of humor were exactly alike and he was a perfect man. Our first date was practically a scene from a chick flick, engaging conversation, attraction and romance. As we kissed goodnight, it started to gently rain as if on cue. My happy ending was here, dammit and I was so ready for it. 4EVER

We became very close in a short period of time and he confessed he was falling for me. I was feeling likewise and shortly after, we became involved sexually. As if there weren’t enough fireworks before, wowza! Everything about us sexually clicked, we connected and it was perfect. During the day, we’d send each other racy sexts to build the playful anticipation until we could be together. The anticipation that we built during the day, exploded when we were together. Everything about our sexual chemistry was incredible and we both were on fire for each other. TMI

In short, everything was perfect. I thought so, until he dumped me anyway. Just as I was starting to follow his lead and let myself fall in love with him, he got cold feet and told me he didn’t see a long term future for us. He cared about me and I was convinced he wouldn’t hurt me intentionally, but he changed his mind so quickly. It just didn’t make sense. IDK

After an emotional, lingering breakup, we decided to keep in touch and remain friends. The end of this relationship was harder than most I’d experienced. I took it so hard and just had to take a break from texting him. TTYL

After several days, I was surprised to get a text from him out of the blue. It was so sweet of him to check in on me and I just knew he had come to his senses and was about to plead for another chance to date me. LMAO

I couldn’t have been more wrong about his intentions. After we exchanged a few cordial texts catching each other on the past 5 days of activity, he casually brought up one of our memorable intimate moments together. This was the beginning of a firestorm of sexting back and forth, both talking about what we’d done in the past but talking about new things too. I became really excited and convinced myself that we were going to get back together. Surely he wouldn’t be talking about things we were going to do in the future if he didn’t want to get back together with me. FWB

This steamy sexting continued over the next several days. Blood was surging to certain body parts and leaving others and it was a lot of fun. However, I’m a woman and I already was attached to him, so of course I read more into it than I should have. (It’s in the Woman’s Handbook to do so, of course.) After a couple of weeks of this naughty, playful fun and no hint of making plans to see each other, I felt hurt and used. :’(

Looking back now, I honestly think he didn’t want to date me because of my children. His kids were grown and he was used to his freedom. However because we shared this intense sexual chemistry, he wanted to hold onto that but not have a relationship. Although the sexting was fun, I had to tell him to stop because I felt used. This was a hard lesson for me to learn because I had to let go of the fantasy happy ending and say goodbye. L8R

~The Single Mom

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