Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Hairy Situation?

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Dear Sasha,

When I first met the girl I’m dating she was really good about shaving her legs, bikini and under arms. Now, a few months in, she has gotten extremely lazy. I find the hair a HUGE turnoff, and have told her so. She will then shave, and soon enough it happens all over again…. YUCK! How do I handle this hairy situation?

Is hair a deal breaker?

Dear Hair Carer-

Duh. Of course it happens again, it’s hair. That’s what it does, it grows back. And don’t you know that’s why most women enjoy monogamy? It means we get to shave less often.

In a universe where we have to deal with blinding cramps, shoving something the size of a watermelon through something as big as a keyhole, a professional glass ceiling where we make 75.3 cents on the dollar to (occasionally less capable) male counterparts, constant pressure from ads to look like airbrushed, professionally made up, hyper styled, super hungry, praying mantis-esque models, cut us some slack! A little stubble is the least of our concerns, m’kay?

Now, I’m all for tending your garden and trimming the hedges, I also think laser hair removal is a marvelous invention and have undergone treatments myself, but I balk at the idea that women need to be baby smooth and hairless like pre-pubescent porn stars, nor do I think a few scratchy hairs on her leg is going to kill you.

Besides, do you have any idea how horrendous it feels to have a dude between your thighs with even a HINT of a five o’clock shadow? Imagine sandpaper against your most delicate bits. It isn’t pretty and I blame Don Johnson. I’ve had makeout sessions that left my face scarred with beard burn for days! And back hair? Don’t even get me started!!! If I had a nickel for all the times I’ve gone down on some guy only to gag a few moments later, not from girth or length but because I’m chewing on a mouthful of pubs, I could buy the world some Nair.

While I’ll never be a proponent of the 70s-style crotch ‘fro and I agree you should do your best to stay groomed for your partner, a certain amount of live and let die has to be incorporated into all copulation. Otherwise, no man would ever get laid.

Now go trim!


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  • Samantha

    Amen sister!!

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