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Dear Sasha,

My girlfriend posts everything about our relationship with play-by-plays constantly on Facebook and Twitter. Despite my nicely asking her to stop she continues to post. I really like her otherwise, but having my life on display is just not something I’m into at all. What should I do?

My life is on social media display?

Dear Media Phobe,
Welcome to the 21st Century where Big Brother is watching and The Matrix has us. Jump right in, the water’s fine.

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but your life is already on display and your inability to keep up with the times will only hinder you in the long run. Social media, cell phones and everyone’s newfound obsession with constant connection across the interwebs has changed the world forever. Your distaste for it won’t make it go away so my advice is to pull that stick out of your wi-fi and join the party.

I was a very late hold out on social networking, thinking I didn’t want my private business out there for public consumption. When I was finally, reluctantly, persuaded to sign up, I did it with venomous distain, only to quickly realize that I’d been cutting off my nose to spite my face(book).

Do you not want to connect with old friends or keep up with people you don’t care to speak to on the phone but still enjoy checking in on from time to time like dear old Uncle Larry or that girl who dated in eighth grade? Do you not want to grow your professional network? Do you find it fun when all of your friends meet up to hang out while you stay home, alone, with the lights off, reading hieroglyphics by matchlight? I’m guessing no. So why wouldn’t you want to be involved in social media?

Admittedly, when I first jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, I was a little too addicted and it became the greatest time suck in my life. But I’ve since learned to use it responsibly and it’s now a wonderful addition to my life. And Twitter is even better! It’s like a text conversation with all the most interesting people you know all day long.

This is a lonely world we live in, buddy, but the world wide web makes it a little less so. Get over your weirdness and let your lady tweet the day away.


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