Tuesday’s Topic: Reasons I’m Not Calling You Back

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By WisdomIsMisery

Since the dawn of man, women have been asking themselves and anyone who will listen, which is unfortunately for him, usually another man trapped in the dreaded friend zone who wishes he were the former man, “why doesn’t he call me back?”

At this exact moment, somewhere in ancient Mesopotamia there are undiscovered cave drawings of a man ignoring the cave drawings of an interested female companion despite having gone on a romantic date the day before where everything seemed perfect.

Afterwards, the sun rose and set and nary a cave drawing was ever seen on the entrance of her dwelling asking her out on a second date. Sadly, similar incidents continue to haunt women’s modern day cave dwelling entrances – their cell phone inboxes – well into the 21st century.
Why is that?

I hope you didn’t come here today looking for some profound justification for why men don’t call women back because I can assure you that almost every reason a man stops calling you is stupid. If it’s any comfort, all the remaining reasons are dumb.

Regardless, I will share the top five reasons why I don’t call women back and you can take these and unjustly extrapolate them onto your current love interest(s). Think of it as a COSMO survey that you filled out on his behalf and then became angry with him because of the results. I thought that might resonate.

Let me preface the following list by saying that men do not like conflict or probing into our “emotions,” so if possible, we will avoid both by avoiding you. In other words, we don’t like explaining ourselves and honestly, don’t feel like we should have to.

1. I met someone else. The most likely culprit, if I meet someone else whom I deem better than the current woman I’m dating it only makes sense for me to stop calling the first woman so I can invest more time in the second woman. It is like the 80/20 rule, except not. If a man is talking to five women he is interested in, the one he is most interested in will get 80% of his time. At your convenience, you can use a calculator to determine where the remaining four women fall.

2. I got what I wanted. You were looking for a relationship; I was looking for a hook-up. We hooked-up, you wanted more and I wanted the same or less. You pushed the issue; I ignored your phone calls (who calls on the phone anymore anyway? That is so 2001), text messages, and Facebook status updates, pokes, likes on my new pictures and increasingly threatening messages in my inbox.

3. Not enough return on investment. Contrary to popular belief, most men know what they want from a woman. As such, men usually know how much time, money, and emotions they are willing to invest in any given woman before they cut their losses and move on with life.

4. I lost interest. Men are used to rejection. Women reject men all the time. Think of the number of men’s advances you will turn down this month alone. Sometimes I literally wake up in the morning and have no desire to talk to you anymore. You might call that mean but I call that life.

5. No reason at all. Somewhat related to all the reasons covered above, I don’t always need a reason. Therefore, not having a strong desire to call you is the reason I’m not calling you.

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