Findings Part One: #BOOBEXPERIMENT – Do Bigger Boobs Really Matter?

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By Shilo Urban

Earlier this month Bad Online Dates launched the #BoobExperiment, which asked singles if “bigger boobs really matter.” With Victoria’s Secret spending $12 million on their Annual Fashion Show that airs November 29, boob culture is once again front and center, and no one can deny the power of cleavage and a little (or a lot) of jiggle.

Supermodels aside, how do real men and women feel about breast obsession? That was the question posed across the web and social media sites by Bad Online Dates, and the answers may surprise you. Women from all over the country engaged in the #BoobExperiment to research the effects of the push-up bra and cleavage on a night out on the town, then joined in the discussion with first-hand results.

Across the board, women received more attention wearing low-cut shirts with a push-up bra (shocker).

Bad Online Dates founder & CEO Jennifer Kelton tried the #BoobExperiment herself, padding out and pushing up her breasts to the sky in the name of research. The first night out in a push-up bra found her locked in a steamy make-out session with a hot foreign guy in the pouring rain, and the second night out brought another spicy make-out session, this time with a high-level politician in town for business.

On the third night out for the #BoobExperiment, Jennifer brought along Nina. a much younger, blonder, and boobier friend who had agreed to try the push-up bra experiment. The response to her décolletage was so intense that married men were hitting on blondie in front of their wives, resulting in an uncomfortable situation for all the women.

Another blond researcher @shilonikelle had never worn a push-up bra before moving to Los Angeles, where she encountered a new breed of female: pushed-up, made-up and teetering on unwalkable heels. “A push-up bra gets you more attention than being 4” taller with heels do, but the sketch factor definitely goes up too. The quality of the attention that you receive plummets while the quantity rises.”

@SxNSingleDad states “My feeling is that boobs have the potential to be too big. Big is OK, but there has to be some proportion.” Once a woman gets into freak-show territory with plastic appendages, she becomes a little less human and a little more sex object. Which is great, if that’s what you’re going for.

@NataliaOnFire notes that “A former friend of mine got a boob job. Her confidence is still crap…Confidence comes first.” Lest we forget, confidence is THE most attractive attribute that any man or woman can have, cleavage or not.

@SingleGirlie considers the assman and the legman versus the boobman, and declares “if they say they like big boobs it makes them seem kinda douchey.” Men of the world, take note – and EYES UP HERE!

Giving hope to the small-chested of the world, @DirtyinPublic wonders “Is cup size or cleavage that catches a man’s eye? I say cleavage!” Indeed woman of all cup sizes reported the same effects from wearing a push-up bra, although the bigger the boobs, the bigger the cleavage – and the greater the effect.

Researcher Z. tells us “As an A-cup, it is virtually impossible for me to find a bra in Victoria’s Secret that is not padded with several inches of foam. The saleswomen look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that I am happy with my size and shape as is. But I have never received anything from men but big compliments for my small boobs!”

@NataliaOnFire feels that “a pushup bra is false advertising” and indeed it is, but modern men have come to learn that women jump through all kinds of hoops to look prettier (makeup), thinner (Spanx), blonder (hair dye) and bigger breasted. Many women use artificial lures to hook a guy in hopes that once he figures out that she’s got berries instead of melons, he will be so enamored of her that it won’t matter at all.

And truly, 100% of males questioned in this survey admitted that while they did like big boobs, when choosing a long-term mate, breast size was an extremely minor factor. No man on earth would dump the perfect woman because she didn’t have DDs. As @AndersHoltz states, “Actually, it’s all about #Personality. Stuff on the outside is generally artifice; can all be faked” and @richlovekisses declares “Yes, guys LOVE boobs, but they don’t need to be huge!”

However even the perfect woman must somehow grab the attention of the man she wants, and for that females have no better tools that the two on our chests. Even Kate Middleton, icon of royal class and style, first turned her future husband’s head with a slutty, see-through dress.

There are very few truths left in the world, but one to be certain of is this: “Men want some tit.” The #BoobExperiment has proved that if more male attention is your goal, a push-up bra is a quick and easy tool to get it – just make sure you don’t become quick and easy along the way.

*This is an ongoing study. We would love your own #BoobExperiment #pushupbra story to post on the site, and on Facebook page. Also join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtags #boobexperiment and #pushupbra.

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