Sex, Hope and Dating in 2011 – Yearly Wrap-Up

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By Shilo Urban

We sit down for a fireside chat with CEO and founder Jennifer Kelton to find out what went right, what went wrong and what went down in 2011 – plus her dating predictions for 2012.

What overall dating trends defined 2011?

The expectation of sex on the first date is alive and well. Like much of modern life, dating is more accelerated than ever. And thanks to the proliferation of internet porn, guys expect a LOT in bed – they expect porn stars. Men are more saturated in sexual images than ever before, and the bar has been raised. All of a sudden they not only want but expect dirty talk, anal sex and zero hair down below.

What were your dating highs and lows of 2011?

A “low” for me was feeling shut down to being attracted to anyone. I have been working too hard, and like many people, I have been hurt in the past – to the point where sometimes I questioned whether dating was even worth the effort, wondering if he would or wouldn’t call, and the risk of feeling rejected or hurt. I just couldn’t handle that kind of distraction in 2011.

On the flip side, my “high” was realizing that I could still be very passionate about a guy. The relationship didn’t work out, but I found out that the fire is still going – my sexual emotions and passionate side hadn’t shriveled up after all.

What was your worst dating experience of 2011?

Bossy Penis Guy. As a Type-A personality, sometimes it’s nice to be submissive in bed and let someone else be in control for once. But at some point you start to feel like you’re in the military. No one likes to be barked at. Bossy Penis Guy had to have everything on his terms – he was bossy in all areas. Relationships are all about compromise, but how much of yourself should you give up? If a relationship feels unbalanced, it is.

Did you have any dating epiphanies this year?

Yes – that sexual style dictates personality. If he’s bossy in bed, he’ll be bossy out of bed. If he’s needy in bed, he’ll be needy in other areas of life.

What dating trends do you see growing larger in 2012?

More mobile dating. People will be dating on their smart phones more than ever, using apps like OKCupid or Skout to connect in real time. With the dating world moving faster and faster, time is at a premium and singles will use mobile dating to cut their losses. will be introducing a new mobile app for singles in 2012! The app will enable users to live search while they are on a bad date to see if anyone nearby is also having a bad date and wants to commiserate and connect in real time.

What else is on deck for in 2012?

We will also be launching a new site, focused on inspiring hope and laughter, along with a new online fortune cookie for daters, #BODFortune. Just tweet this when you are on a bad date and instantly receive a funny and encouraging reply.

What are your hopes and dating plans for 2012?

My plan is to stop and smell the daisies, and to allow myself to like men and not be shut down. I will be less picky, and stop and circle back every once in a while. I hope that despite all of the static and noise, people will slow down and take time to care for themselves as well.

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