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By Laurie Davis, Founder of
You meet a match online for a first date. The two of you get along. A second date ensues. Now what?

The same-old (boring) dinner and a movie can only go on for so long. Try something different! Check out a giant festival or head to an intimate wine tasting. Not only will it be fun but your knowledge of cool events in your area will also impress your date.

Below are eFlirt Expert approved ways to stay in touch with what’s going on in your area. Focus on free or low-cost ideas from these resources until you’ve gone on a more significant number of dates. After all, we wouldn’t want your date to decline simply because he or she can’t afford the $100+ ticket to a concert at Madison Square Garden. Until you know each other better, try a free concert instead. Most cities have great series throughout the year!

Here are three go-to resources for anywhere, anytime:

There’s a TimeOut for virtually every large city. Check out their articles online or subscribe to the weekly magazine. You can also browse their event listings based on date, type of event or venue, and neighborhood.
Bromly accesses your Facebook profile and acts as your personal concierge, recommending great events based on your tastes and likes. You can even add additional interests and rate the events that are suggested to you, ensuring that your suggestions are as targeted as can be.
For iPhone users, check out The Next Move Mobile App. If you’re already out and want to continue the chemistry in a new scene, fill it in on your relationship status (everything from “date” to “mistress”), what neighborhood you want to go to and how much cash you’re willing to drop. The Next Move will then suggest the optimal places to head to so you can ultimately reach your goal, regardless of whether it’s to smooch, snuggle, or score.

Laurie Davis is an online dating coach and founder of She helps singles navigate the vast and often confusing intersection of dating and technology. You can find her writing singles’ online dating profiles, decoding their date’s text messages, schooling them in Facebook flirting or inspiring them to utilize new technology.

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