Tuesday’s Topic: Best Ways to Detox After a Bad Date #DateDetox

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By Shilo Urban

Bad dates can leave lingering feelings of hopelessness and disgust, not to mention a dent on your self-esteem. Whether your date leered at the waitress while picking his nose, talked all night about his ex’s body piercings or insisted you check out the hair sculpture collection he carries in his man-purse, bad dates happen.

Bad dates happen to good people – but often a misstep in the romantic arena causes the dater to question himself or herself and the world in general. What is wrong with me? What is wrong with him? What is wrong with the world? I am just trying to find love and have so much to offer – why must I sort through a giant pile of jackasses, jerks and limp-faced losers to do so?

A bad date has the potential to pull you into a minor tailspin and at the very least feels like a discouraging waste of time. If a bad date happens to you and leaves you sullen and moping, you need dating detox and you need it now! Use the following tips to rid yourself of that icky, sticky feeling of a date gone wrong and you’ll be moving on to greener pastures before you know it.

1. Take a shower or hot bath. The old standby exists for a reason – when you are feeling soiled and dirty after a crappy date, literally washing yourself off and cleaning your body will help you to rinse away the bad experience. Turn the water to hot and take your time to clean and love your rockin’ body – a body that your jerkface bad date will NEVER get to touch.

2. Have a glass of wine. Little else brings perspective like a glass of wine. Pour yourself a big one and feel the bad memories of your date slip away. Warning: you must not overdo this step, or you could end up on the bathroom floor hours later, sobbing violently, your date from hell turned into the “one that got away” in your inebriated brain. One or two glasses of wine will do.

3. Call a friend. Still in a funk about your bad date? Call up a good friend to commiserate, preferably one who shares your single situation and who can help you to see the silver lining and laugh about your lame experience. And really, it is quite funny that he refused to pay for your dinner because he needed the money to buy Twilight memorabilia.

4. Get back on the horse immediately. When a horrible date lingers in your memory, it has the potential to cloud your perspective and keep you out of circulation for weeks, even months! Don’t let this happen to you – get right back on the horse and schedule yourself another date as soon as possible, or at the very least hop online and check out some matching profiles to reinforce the fact that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

5. Find company for your misery. You are not alone in your bad date hell; read BadOnlineDates.com and you will find heaps of stories about people that have been in similar situations: dates from hell, dates with losers from the 9th pit of hell, dates with a hellish overtone and dates that went straight to hell in a hand basket. Once you begin to laugh at your pain, you know the detox is working!

6. Do something nice for yourself. Keep a mental stockpile of fast, fun experiences that you can give yourself in the wake of a bad date (or any other negative experience). Buy a pretty bunch of flowers for your home, have brunch at your favorite café or spend the morning wandering around the farmers market. It shouldn’t take too much time or money, and should always lift your spirits up past the soggy memories of your bad date. And who knows – maybe while you are shopping for flowers, you will meet Mr. Right – or at least Mr. Next Friday Night.

Tell us what you think, do you have a favorite way to #datedetox after a bad date.
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