Valentine’s Day Event: Date Detox Day – Feb. 15th, 2012 #DateDetox

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Hope For Disaster Daters celebrates the day after Valentine’s Day

I’ve had it with Valentine’s Day! The pressure, the costs, the uncomfortable underwear and mostly the expectations that this ONE day a year is somehow a magic bullet for love.

This year I am NOT celebrating Valentine’s Day. This year I’m celebrating the day after Valentine’s Day and calling it…ready for this?


Spread the word! Join the fun! I want to make this a national holiday, for crying out loud!

We’ve got all kinds of great stuff planned for the site. And there’s lots of ways for YOU to get involved.

First, copy this badge

and use it in your emails and on your site.

Second, know anybody who needs a good news item for the day after Valentine’s Day? The stories here are the solution!

Third, Tweet and post to Facebook and Google+ using the hashtag #datedetox so that everyone in your social circles knows about it.

But most of all, join in the fun on the site. Comment, share and laugh. It’s all about being happy, after all.

So HAPPY TRIPLE D everybody!!! (Wait. That sounds dirty. Oh well, I’m going with it.)

While dating sites, lingerie retailers, florists and candy manufacturers are gearing up for Valentine’s Day romance, one site is preparing to support the lovestruck masses on the day after. is making February 15th, “Date Detox Day.” Designed to bring a dose of reality and humor to the Valentine’s Day mythology, the site will celebrate dating successes and offer support to those who experienced dating disasters., the brain-child of noted dating and relationship expert Jennifer Kelton, has offered dating advice and a place to share dating horror stories since 2005. But Dating Detox Day heralds big changes at the site.

“Our mission has always been to have fun with the sometimes bizarre world of online dating,” said Ms. Kelton, who is also a primary contributor to the site. “Now we are expanding the opportunities for users to share, participate and feel connected with other daters who have experienced similar challenges.”

The site claims to be, “Making Dating Smarter,” a vision they approach aggressively. While most other sites have a mission of connecting lovers, connects people for advice and affirmation about dating. This educational and support-focused twist occupies a unique and complementary place among dating related websites.

“We want people to know that they are not alone when online dating,” said Ms. Kelton. “Laughter and fun are a big part of what we offer, but our real mission is to give people the confidence to demand better treatment when looking for love.”

Founded in 2005, is the leading website for total dating support. Providing advice, entertainment, tools and community, the site helps online daters make better dating decisions.

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