Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t: Dressing for Sex

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By Shilo Urban

When your mission for the night is not to have fun, socialize, schmooze or party hard but to HOOK UP, you can easily communicate that your light is “on” by what you choose to wear. There are plenty of not-so-subtle ways to convey to your date by what you wear that you are ready to hook-up. Tried and true methods of appearing DTF usually involve the letters “T” and “A” for women, while men can wear anything – we all know that you’re almost always down to mess around.

Forget the turtlenecks and Birkenstocks, and leave the granny panties and maxi-skirts at home. Ladies, try the following tips out for size to let the guys know you are dressing for sex:

SKIN: In general, the more skin you show, the hornier you are. Any skin is sexy, from exposed collarbones and backless dresses to leg-baring mini-skirts and everyone’s favorite: cleavage. Reveal a little skin and you might be tempted; reveal over 75% of your surface area and you are ready to jump into bed NOW.

HEELS: Sky-high stilettos not only improve your posture by pushing out your breasts and derrière while sucking in your stomach, but they also give you a shot of confidence and cockiness – and that will always be sexy. Wear a pair of sexy high heels and rest assured that he is picturing you in his bed wearing those shoes – and nothing else.

TITTIE TOP: Boob blouses, boob tops – whatever you call it, you know what it is: a low-cut blouse worn with just the right bra that makes your twins look FANTASTIC. The more cleavage you show, the more interested you are in hooking up. Wear a dangling necklace and bronzer to enhance the effect.

LOOSE HAIR: If your hair is pulled back tight and sprayed to oblivion, he might assume that you’re just as uptight as your hairdo. Let your locks down, give them a good shake and mess up your carefully styled ‘do just a bit to inspire images of you coming undone in his arms a little later.

MINI-SKIRT: Men love mini-skirts for many reasons: they show off your legs, offer easy access, frame the butt, flirtatiously give hints about what’s underneath and ever so often, provide a quick glimpse of a beautiful and forbidden land. Wear your shortest skirt and then catch his eye over your shoulder as you walk away – it’s a classic mammalian move that he will not be able to resist.

EYE CONTACT & A SMILE: None of the above will matter if you keep your eyes drawn to the ground and look like Little Miss Lonely Bed. Whatever clothes you have on, the most important thing you can wear is your attitude – and if you want it, go get it. Meet his eyes not once but twice, and follow it with a big smile. If he doesn’t take the hint, move on to a man with a pulse. Soon you’ll be romping in bed with the male of your choice, all of your carefully chosen wardrobe in a pile on your bedroom floor.

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