Naked in the Shower with a Bartender Survey Shows Definition of Cheating and Promiscuousness has Shifted
New Bad Online Dates infographic shares shocking statistics indicating Americans have loosened standards when it comes to infidelity and sexual behavior—possibly due in part to increased access to pornography and celebrity promiscuity. Click here to read more…

Bad Date TV: Bad Date Betty – Husband Callbacks (Part 1)

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Date Song Pick of the Week: Bee Gees – To Love Somebody

Bee Gees – To Love Somebody

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What Do You Consider to be a Sexual Betrayal and or Cheating? [Infographic]

sexual betrayal infographic

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Bad Online Dates Launches Spring Fever Dinner Date Sweepstakes

Eat, drink and get your sexy back! Win a $200 dinner date for two.

For the 90 million singles in the US suddenly feeling giddy with the season change and warmer weather, Bad Online Dates launches a Spring Fever Dinner Dates Sweepstakes for a romantic dinner for two for $200 Click here to enter on Facebook and on Twitter. This candlelight opportunity was designed for those feeling easily distracted and daydreaming about that perfect night out.

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Survey: What Do You Consider to be a Sexual Betrayal and or Cheating?

Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Stood Up

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Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t: You Wore WHAT in Bed?

By Shilo Urban

Unbuttoning the back of her dress slowly… peeling away his pair of pants… ripping apart your underwear and losing them altogether… Clothes have the potential to make sex even hotter.

But what if your date is wearing a saggy pair of granny panties? Or a shiny gold man-thong? Can the clothes you choose to wear become a deal-breaker for your date? Click here to read more…

A Man’s POV How it Makes Me Feel When… The Biggest Issues Faced While Dating

By WisdomIsmisery writer and founder of
Twitter @WisdomIsMisery.

A little background: I’m 29 years old. I have a decent moderately well-paying career. I have no kids. One day I plan to marry a beautiful woman. I’m not sure if I want kids, but I’m not against having kids. That is a decision I hope to make with aforementioned beautiful wife. With this in mind, below are five big issues I face when dating.

1. I don’t have a type. This is self-explanatory. I didn’t use to think I was picky until recently. A line-up of my ex-girlfriends looks like a red carpet waiting list for a United Nations party. I have less than any idea of what I’m looking for. I hope I’ll know it when I see it. Click here to read more…

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