Naked in the Shower with a Bartender Survey Shows Definition of Cheating and Promiscuousness has Shifted
New Bad Online Dates infographic shares shocking statistics indicating Americans have loosened standards when it comes to infidelity and sexual behavior—possibly due in part to increased access to pornography and celebrity promiscuity.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

Bad Online Dates, a humorous and informative online source of encouragement for people who have experienced bad dates, released the results of a recent survey of hundreds of Americans on the topic of betrayal and cheating. A summary infographic released by Bad Online Dates at indicates Americans are willing to accept many behaviors as normal that would have been considered shameful infidelity or promiscuousness in past decades. The year-long survey, which ended on May 21, 2012, netted hundreds of responses, mostly from North America.

One of the most telling results of the survey shows only 97.1% of respondents do not believe watching porn is a form of cheating. Bad Online Dates founder/CEO Jennifer Kelton, an expert on dating and romance who has been investigating the game of love for more than 30 years, believes this statistic explains what she considers to be a shift in the definition of cheating.

“We are exposed to naked bodies and bad behaviors everywhere, on the Internet, in reality TV, through news headlines and also in overtly sexual advertising,” Kelton explains. “We’re getting callous to behaviors that would have shocked us a few years ago. Seeing it everywhere makes it seem okay. It has changed what we think of as normal. You don’t think twice about somebody saying, ‘Look she’s naked in the shower with a married bartender that she just met.’”

Kelton points to the following survey results as evidence that society’s definitions of infidelity has changed:

78.3% said they would have a threesome.
Only 4.8% consider using a blow-up doll as cheating.
Nearly 60% said they would not tell their partner about having sex with a hotel bartender.
Almost 67% said they do not believe we are born to be with one person–monogamous.
31% think cheating is sometimes okay.
More than 14% think it would be okay if their best friend was sleeping with a married man or woman.
31% do not consider Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a “cheating douche bag”.

Kelton also believes celebrity behavior has lowered standards for infidelity and promiscuousness. “It’s a train wreck mentality. The naked Lindsay Lohan Playboy spread is breaking records—like it doesn’t matter anymore,” she said. “The tabloids are filled with it. It makes you wonder if we are hardwired for these standards or if they are dictated by culture. Things have really changed since the days of Ozzie and Harriet. I believe technology has changed our conversation about cheating and promiscuity.” She points out that promiscuous behaviors were happening decades ago, but the Internet wasn’t around to make the news—and pictures—available to anyone, anywhere. “Imagine what would have happened when Marilyn Monroe’s affair with the president was exposed, if they’d had the Internet,” she said.

People have different ideas of what is cheating in relationships or promiscuous, Kelton is quick to point out. However, the Bad Online Dates survey and infographic support the idea that the shift has taken place in large segments of the population. “Watching the sloppy drunken cast make-out on Jersey Shore makes me wonder what kind of sexual examples are being set for that generation,” she laughs, “But an increasing number of people think getting drunk and making-out with a complete stranger at a nightclub while extremely intoxicated is normal.”

To see the infographic with survey results, visit Infographic. Jennifer Kelton is available for interviews by calling 310-306-2366.

About Bad Online Dates Founder/CEO Jennifer Kelton
Jennifer Kelton is an entrepreneur, author, social media innovator and dating advisor, who has been investigating the game of love for 30 years. Kelton is founder and CEO of Bad Online Dates, Green Knights Entertainment, Bad Date TV, a new Internet dating game show, and Dating in Disguise, as well as author of Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel, a candid dating guide. Her work and book have been featured on CNN Living, The Washington Post, iPad News Tracker, TIME Travel, Seattle Weekly, ABC KGTV San Diego, KTVU FOX Oakland, Mashable and many other media outlets. Fans can laugh, post bad dates and get dating advice on the Bad Online Dates Facebook Fan page, Twitter, blogs, Bad Date TV and free Bad Dates App.


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