Fashion: What Not to Wear on a Winter Date

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By Shilo Urban

The winter season is perfect for cozying up to your date next to a crackling fire, warm and with glasses of wine in hand as the wind howls outside. But while summertime lends itself to sexy sundresses, strappy sandals and cute skin-baring blouses, wintertime is the season of frump: shapeless coats, face-hiding hats and layers upon layers of clothing that create a barrier to any kind of frisky action.

Heading out on a winter date soon? Don’t wear the following items and you’ll keep your sexiness intact.

Puffy coats: There are plenty of shape-hugging winter coats that allow your sleek and sexy shape to show through – so why do women insist on wearing bulbous coats that create the shape of an overstuffed marshmallow? If your coat disguises your figure to the point that your date can’t even tell if you are male or female, ditch it in favor of one with a more shape-conscious silhouette.

Holiday-themed anything:
Unless you teach kindergarten or are headed directly to an ugly sweater party, you should not be wearing holiday-themed clothes or accessories. This rules out anything that jingles, lights up or would appeal to your 5 year-old niece. You’ll embarrass yourself and your date in one of these atrocious outfits. If you can’t contain your glee and absolutely must broadcast to the world how much holiday spirit you possess, stick to a red top only.

Tiny dresses: You look cute now in that sexy little mini-dress, but after ten minutes in the cold winter weather, you’ll just look stupid. Moreover, your date might feel like he has to lend you his coat, which will make him uncomfortably chilly. If you plan on being outdoors longer than the time it takes to get out of your car at the valet stand and walk inside, then leave the tiny little dress at home.

High heels in the ice: If there’s any chance of ice or snow in your area, ditch the high heels in favor of pretty boots or at least closed-toe shoes. We’ve all seen the girl in heels bust her ass in the ice – and we’ve all laughed. Don’t be that girl.

Fur: Unless your date is Kanye West (in which case you’re going to have a Kardashian on your ass), leave the fur at home. Wearing the fuzzy fluff of cute dead animals is a total buzz kill. Get the look instead with fake fur, and rest easy knowing that no animals had to die to make you look hot.

All metallics: Metallic clothes and accessories are a big trend this dating season, and it can be fun to liven up your look with some bling. What you don’t want to do is deck yourself out from head to toe in gold lame or silver leather. Choose one body part to embellish with metallics, and you’ll hit the trends just right without blinding your date.

Boring underpants: Under all those layers, you might think that granny panties will be well hidden and that you don’t need to don your sexy dainties. Wrong. In winter, it’s even more important to wear pretty lingerie because it helps to mentally counteract all your heavy clothes to make you feel sexy. Choose bright colors, sensual lace and shiny satin to remind yourself and your date that a hot body lays beneath the layers.

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