Thoughts From a Bartender: Over Drinking on a Date

  • Posted on: December 11th, 2012 by

By: Lindsay Hopper

When you bartend in a restaurant, you have the privilege of seeing both sides of the dating world when it comes to drinking, and it gets you thinking about the different outcomes that could occur based on how much a couple drinks while they’re on their date. You know how sometimes you have the unfortunate experience of sitting next to a couple and you find yourself thinking, “get a room…” because they are being overly “affectionate”? Or that married couple that won’t stop fighting? Odds are, they have at least 4 drinks on their tab and are a little tipsy. That couple sitting there on their phone not speaking? They’re just on a bad date.

So two couples walk into a restaurant, both on their first date. Oliver and Joni sit at one table, ready to have a lovely meal together. At another table are Bruce and Louise, who are ready to do the same, the only difference being that Bruce and Louise order a bottle of wine to go with their meal. As the date evolves for both couples you start to see the difference in how their relationship is forming.

Oliver and Joni spend the whole night talking, laughing, being present with each other and really getting to know each other. They leave, he probably takes her home, they kiss goodnight and set up another date. Meanwhile, Bruce and Louise start out doing really well. However their date, and probably the course of the relationship, begins to go sour as their alcohol intake increases.

Still on their first glass of wine, they are flirting, smiling, laughing, genuinely enjoying each others company. They seem like the happiest people there. On to glass two, you see them getting a little too comfortable for a first date, sharing things perhaps they shouldn’t share just yet, things like the fact that you still sleep with a teddy bear and believe that aliens walk amongst us (yes, this has happened.) Once you get to glass number three, I guarantee you neither of them are really listening to the other and by glass four he’s pissed off about something, and he’s not really sure what and she’s crying and saying something about still being in love with her ex-boyfriend. They pay their bill, stagger out and probably end up going home to one of their apartments, have a night of sloppy, drunken sex that neither of them will remember and wake up in the morning too ashamed to look at each other.

Now, if this was reality television, I would certainly choose to watch the saga of Bruce and Louise of over the pleasant interaction of Oliver and Joni because, let’s face it, reality without the drama is just boring. But which relationship do you think is going to end up lasting?

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