Women’s Fashion: What not to Wear on a Date

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By Shilo Urban

Dating can be a dangerous world, even for the fashion savvy ladies out there. A wardrobe malfunction can happen at any time, exposing a nip slip à la Janet Jackson; high heels can break in half and clothing that seems demure in the dark might turn see-through in the daylight. But to be a true fashion dating disaster,the incident has to usurp the rest of the occasion, leaving only an imprint of a tragic style mishap on the brain your date instead of warm memories of your smile. Granted, for many men no fashion disaster could prevent them from being attracted to you or at least going for it at the end of the night, but if you can avoid the following dating disasters, you’ll be able to hook the men that you really want.

1. The “Trying-Too-Hard” Look. Your hair has been coiffed at a pricey salon and your blowout looks fierce; you have a new manicure, new pedicure and have freshly waxed it ALL. You’re sporting brand new designer duds that you really can’t afford, a designer “trophy” purse and platform heels that make you eight inches taller than you truly are. And you’re meeting him for lattes at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. While we should all take pride in our appearance, over-doing the polish on a casual date is a surefire way to send your date running to the hills far, far away from your high-maintenance self. Be sure to match your outfit and beauty routine to the style and tone of the date itself so that you don’t come off as a desperate wannabe that needs designer labels as a security blanket.

2. The “I Don’t Care About Fashion” Look. Perhaps you live in a uniform of sweatpants, tee shirts and hoodies, a relaxed look that fits your laid-back lifestyle and reflects your abhorrence to all things fashion. Other women may care about style and shiny things, but you’re above all that nonsense. Why would you put on airs for a dinner date and do something snazzy like brush your hair or shave your legs? You are so far beyond style, right? Bullshit. EVERYONE cares about how they appear to others, and everyone has a style – your style just happens to be NO style. If you show up to dinner looking like you just walked your dog in the rain because you don’t care about fashion, your date may well interpret it as a lack of interest in him. Sorry to break it to you, but this world WILL judge you on your appearance. So make an effort, okay?

3. The Slutty Look. If your goal for the evening is only to get laid and you’re heading to a Hollywood club with a fog machine and $20 cocktails, then by all means please feel free to slut it up. Wear a top so low cut that he can almost see your nipples, flaunt a mini-skirt that leaves nothing to the imagination and bust out the “whale tale” – flashing the back of your thong over the top of your waistband. If, however, you might actually want to date the guy for more than one night, tone it down and choose just one body part to highlight. Guys like the chase – so don’t show him all the goodies before you even get started.

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