Dress for the Date: How to Shop at Outlet Stores

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Outlet Shopping

Whether you are a seasoned outlet store shopper or a newbie, Dress for the Date has some helpful tips and tricks for navigating the discount landscape. Ever wonder how to find the best bargains or where to find the highest quality apparel? Dress for the Date’s CEO/Founder and Lead Stylist, Jennifer Kelton, has the answers:

1. Check out the clearance racks. Many of our male and female clients have this strange aversion to clearance racks. It’s totally silly! Clearance racks are always worth perusing, as this is where you’ll find the lowest prices on merchandise. We all want to get more bang for our buck, and clearance racks are where to get it.

2. Shop off-season. Looking for a new bathing suit or a heavy winter coat? Shop for it during the off-season. A winter coat may be the furthest thing from your mind during the summertime, but you’ll find the best possible deals on seasonal items during the off-season. Also make sure to hit up the end-of-season sales at the outlets. Some stores mark down merchandise up to 90%!

3. Outlet malls tend to get very busy during the holidays and weekends. If possible, shop during the week when you won’t feel stressed from the crowds and long lines. If you can’t shop during the week, get to the outlets when they open on the weekends. It won’t start getting crowded until the afternoon and you’ll be done shopping by then. Plus, you’ll still have your entire weekend day ahead of you!

4. Premium Outlets are a great place to find brands like Gucci, Prada, Coach, and Calvin Klein. These designer outlets mostly sell past-season merchandise, but no one would ever know! What’s more, these stores often have huge sales where you can score a coveted Coach bag for up to 80% off. Sign up for the outlet’s mailing list to stay in the know about big sales. No Premium Outlet Mall near you? Make a day trip out of it. Trust us, the deals you’ll find are well worth the drive.

5. Many of the brands you find at outlet malls, such as Gap, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, etc., manufacture merchandise specifically for their outlet stores. This means the merchandise you find in the outlets is current season AND the same first-rate quality you’d find at their retail stores.

6. Most importantly, remember that just because it’s on sale or deeply discounted doesn’t mean you should buy it. Only purchase items that you know you will wear and makes sense for your lifestyle. We’ve all fallen victim to purchasing an outfit because the deal was “too good to pass up,” and two years later it’s still hanging in your closet with the price tag attached. A good rule of thumb to avoid this is to put the item you are considering on hold while you continue shopping. If you are still thinking about that item by the time you’re done shopping, then it’s a keeper.
Happy Outlet Shopping!

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