Why Didn’t They Call? Top 10 Reasons

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He didn't call

You met an interesting person last week with strong date potential. You really hit it off in conversation and felt the spark of connection – and they even asked for your phone number. You felt the exciting tinge of possibility that this might be the beginning of something great, and went to bed that night with a smile.

But then they never called. They left you hanging, without even the courtesy of a “no thank you.” For many people, being ignored is worse than being told-off, and being blown-off by a potential date this way is a cruel blow to the ego. Why didn’t they call?

Read the top ten reasons they didn’t call below. Realize that very few of these reasons have anything to do with you, and almost every one of them is a fantastic impetus to MOVE ON already and quit wasting time wondering why they didn’t call.

1. He/she already has a boyfriend/girlfriend, and just asked for your number to prove to themselves that they have “still got it.” They never intended to call and just used your offer of connection to bolster their ego.

2. He/she is a player and hits on people just for fun. Getting phone numbers is part of the habit, and you were just one of many potential booty calls. Looks like you skirted disaster on this one.

3. He/she lost your number. It happens.

4. He/she truly intended to call you, but then became involved with another person or old flame before they got the chance.

5. He/she is interested, but too anxious, lily-livered or scared of rejection to make the call.

6. He/she just hasn’t called yet – be patient!

7. He/she sobered up, checked you out online and realized you weren’t quite as attractive, large breasted, rich or stupid as you seemed the previous night.

8. He/she just asked for your number to be nice or to end the conversation, figuring it was better to ignore you later by not calling rather than to reject you in person.

9. He/she meant to call, but got busy with work, family matters or travel. By the time they find your number again, they figure it’s been too late to call you now.

10. He/she is waiting on you to call.

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