A Woman’s POV – 5 Style Essentials for Movie Dates

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Movie Date

Heading to the cinema is a classic date activity, an easy choice of entertainment that requires precious little of its participants. Just show up, buy popcorn, sit down and watch the show. You’ve probably been on many movie dates in your life, and will go on many more. Make sure that you have these six style essentials to make your movie date wardrobe complete.

1. Hair Up. Ladies, wear your hair up so that he can see your face and neck during the movie. Your collarbone is sexier than you realize, and much less overt than a mountain of cleavage. Expose this delicate area in the dark theatre to make his mind wander.

2. Jacket. Movie theatres are air-conditioned and can get chilly. If you’re a guy, always bring a jacket; if you’re a girl, never do. That way when she gets cold in the middle of the movie, he can offer his sleeves to the lady. He feels like the manly protector, and she feels taken care of – everybody wins.

3. Socks. Wearing socks will keep you warm in the movie after you give your jacket away, or before he gives it to you.

4. Tight pants. You might think that movie watching is better suited for sweat pants, and if you are watching a DVD at home, this is correct. For movie dates, however, you are going to be shoving your posterior in his/her face when you get up to go the bathroom during the show. Make sure your rear assets are framed in the most flattering way possible for this close-up appearance.

5. Heels. Movie dates involve precious little walking, making them a great opportunity to wear those cute heels that you can’t walk in. Just dress them down by making the rest of your outfit casual, and make sure he isn’t planning on a midnight stroll after the movie.

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