Best Halloween Couple Outfits

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Haloween Costume

Do you have a date for October 31? Halloween is a fun time to step out as a dating couple; the holiday gives you license to dress and act any way you want. But couple costumes can be tricky to pull off at best, and horribly lame at worst (hello Romeo and Juliet). Whether you want to be funny, scary or WTF this Halloween, try these costumes ideas to have fun without being the annoying duo that everyone hates.

Will and Kate – Have a royal holiday when you dress as the world’s famous couple. Find a second-hand military costume, wedding dress and plastic baby OR turn the kingdom on its head and make them vampires or zombies.

Harry & Pippa – More exciting than their siblings, this pair will get the party started. Create his look with red hair and near-nakedness, and she’ll be wearing a tight white dress that highlights the bum.

Kimye – Go post-baby and bring along little North West or opt for a pregnant look with oversize belly. Pile on the makeup, wear all white and strut around the party like you own the planet.

Gatsby & Daisy –
If you like to dress up fancy for Halloween, pick this couple from the Roaring 20s to emulate. Rent a dapper tuxedo for him and pick up a flapper dress, pearls and garter belt for her.

Katniss & Peeta – The rugged look of these star-crossed lovers is easy to achieve; start with a plastic bow and arrows set for her and a long braid of hair. For him, a handful of berries and baker’s mitt.

Miley Cyrus & Teddy Bear – Don’t worry if you don’t know how to twerk – she didn’t either. All you need is a rented or improvised teddy bear costume, flesh-colored latex lingerie and your tongue permanently posted out the side of your mouth.

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