The Unexpected Group Date

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Group Date

You discuss your dates with your friends, you rehash the crucial moments and you show them his hot profile pic. But have you ever taken your friends along on the date without telling him that you’re showing up with a posse?

Has it ever happened to you?

It can be a huge buzz kill when your romantic expectations turn into a hangout session with a bunch of people you don’t know.

Question: Is showing up on a date with a group of friends acceptable?

Answer: No, unless you’re in 8th grade and it’s been pre-arranged as a “group date” – and your mom is picking you up after.

Unless the pending presence of several extra wheels is established when the meeting is being arranged, friends are not allowed to tag along on your date. Group dates do exist, however both parties should be fully aware that the outing will not be a party of two.

Question: Why would an American adult male bring along his friends to a date?

Answer: Thoughtless and crass, and he’s going to make his date feel like the least-special woman in the world. Perhaps he is a lily-livered puss, he cannot like a woman without his friends’ explicit approval. Scared that the interaction will not go well, he brings along a back-up plan of buddies to give him the confidence that he may lack.

If you don’t want to give the woman or man on your date the attention they deserve, don’t go. If you’re insecure about dating and need the group dynamic to grease your interaction, just go out with your friends and try to pick up someone while you’re out – someone that you could handle eating dinner with on your own, just two people, grown-up style.

But don’t expect your date to be happy if you show up for a date with a gang. Either tell your date that you’ll have company or gut up, and give your date a little respect.

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