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America’s single men and women have a large amount of freedom to date who they want and how they want. Starting in high school or even before, Americans start testing the waters to try out potential mates for marriage or maybe just a good time.

But other cultures offer a different perspective on dating and matchmaking. Perhaps Americans could learn a thing or two from these fantastic dating customs from around the world:

• On Taquile Island in South America’s Lake Titicaca, once a couple decides to marry, they must first live together and work side by side for several months. After this trial period, they can either choose to marry or walk away – no harm, no foul, and no bad reputations. Divorce is almost unheard of on this island, where coincidentally the men do all the knitting.

• In Morocco, when a man is interested in a woman he visits the family home to express his interest. As in most social encounters in the country, mint tea is served. If the girl is interested, she will serve him tea that is sweetened. If not, the tea is served plain – a formal rejection without the sting.

• For young singles in Australia, group dates are much more common than one-on-ones. These laid-back outings give potential couples a chance to check each other out and spend time together without the pressure.

• Single men from Korea can be found carrying around their girlfriend’s purses on a shopping trip, following her from shoe store to shoe store at the mall.

• In France, daters are more transparent regarding their interest or disinterest. In general, men don’t play hard to get, and they rarely employ the “fade away” method of breaking off a relationship. Bonjour clear intentions, au revoir vague texts.

• Members of the Kreung tribe in Cambodia encourage their unmarried daughters to experience multiple partners by building “love shacks.” These huts are places where they can explore intimacy, get to know potential mates and find true love.

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