The Overeager Texter and Caller

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Overeager Texter

Today we live in a world where human beings can be constantly connected to one another… and sometimes that’s a horrible thing.

Introducing: The Overeager Texter and Caller.

Actually, there’s no need to introduce this person – because you’ve no doubt already been on a date with The Overeager Texter and Caller. Turning their mobile phone addiction in your direction, this anxiety-ridden person will text you a dozen times before your date and a dozen times after. They call repeatedly, assuming that you didn’t answer the phone because it just didn’t ring enough. Confounding social connection with a preoccupation for perpetual reassurance, this needy date might initially impress you with their responsiveness.

But don’t be fooled by the attention. If you move forward and establish a relationship with this personality type, prepare for an onslaught of constant connection – and an avalanche of escalating messages:

(The Overeager Texter and Caller)

2:17 PM: Hey baby whats up?
2:28 PM: Everything ok? 😉
2:40 PM: Why aren’t you answering me?
2:45 PM: R u mad @ me? Wat did i do?
2:52 PM: Ur obviously not speaking to me anymore.
2:53 PM: I thought we were stronger than that.
2:54 PM: Why r u so high and mighty? Who made u queen of the world?
2:55 PM: I was going 2 take u out to dinner 2nite! U can forget that!
2:57 PM: In fact forget our whole relationship!!!!!!!!!!!


3:02 PM: I was in a meeting. Please don’t text or call me again.

Love means craving an intense connection. But when it boils down to a psychological level, The Overeager Texter and Caller probably has an attachment style best defined as “Anxious & Preoccupied.” Equating clinginess with romance, they often become demanding and even possessive. If you aren’t hungry for the same level of emotional connection in return, your mild annoyance will soon become a major pain.

If you’re really into this person and want to keep dating them, lay down the law in concrete terms about how often you want to be texted and called. If they don’t back off, they never will – and you deserve to date someone who respects your digital boundaries.

Attachment Style

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