Fellas: What Not to Wear on a Spring Date

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What not to wear

As the weather warms up, animals get frisky – and everyone’s ready for a spring date. After the dark days of winter, you might feel like it’s the right time to bust out the bright neon colors and shower sandals. You would be wrong. Don’t jump the season, and avoid these fashion missteps so that your spring date doesn’t bounce.

• Socks with sandals – It doesn’t matter if you’re from Seattle, if the socks are wool, or if the sandals are stylish Italian leather. The socks-with-sandals combination is a universal fashion fail.

• Bad fedora hats – Why would you want to look like every other hipster douchebag? Fedoras have had their day in the sun, and now their curved brims and creased tops are beyond cliché. Invest in a unique, timeless quality hat instead.

• Neon sports wear – Fluorescent colors have a juvenile quality, and can easily look too flashy if you’re over the age of…10. Unless your date is on a soccer field or racquetball court, ditch the day glow colors.

• Concert tee shirts with dress slacks – Like the mullet, this schizophrenic look showcases a guy a party rocker’s soul and a businessman’s agenda – or maybe it’s just laundry day. No shoes can save this outfit, so don’t even try.

• Glow in the dark fashion – Leave it on the shelf at Claire’s in the mall where it belongs, or give it to your tween-age niece.

• Wraparound shades – With all the spring sunshine, you may be tempted to bust out your sweet wraparound shades. A better idea? Break them in half and throw them back to the late 90s where they belong.

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