Summer Date Fashion Tips: How to Show Some Skin Without Looking Skanky

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Temperatures are blazing. Fans are on full blast. Just the thought of going outside makes you start to sweat – and joining the local nudist colony starts to seem like a good idea. Your clothes are making you feel hot and bothered – and not in a good way.

Alas, you still have to go to work and exist in a civil society, where dressing for the summer heat requires skill and subtlety. There’s a thin line between sexy and trashy, and it gets easier and easier to cross as the temperature rises.
But you can show some flesh without looking like a skank – and you’ll discover that a little slice of skin can be even hotter than an eyeful. Follow these easy fashion tips for sultry summer style.

1. Show your cleavage or your thighs, but not both.
As a rule, showcase one sexy area of your body at a time. Putting your décolletage on full display while you are wearing booty shorts is simply too much skin. Flaunt your flesh strategically by focusing on one asset at a time.

2. Skip the strappy, super sexy shoes. Your feet don’t need that much A/C anyway. By wearing heels that are classier and more demure, you’ll tone down the sex appeal of your entire outfit – even when you have a lot of skin showing from the ankles up.

3. Choose the right colors. Opt for whites, blacks, pastels, and neutral tones when you are showing skin, and save the purple floral prints for maxi-dresses. When you combine loud colors with lots of skin, you are in danger of looking like a club rat on Friday night.

4. Consider your outfit’s material.
A tweed miniskirt and a vinyl miniskirt make two very different statements – and only one of them is saying: wear me with clear platform heels! When an item of clothing is made with very little material to begin with, the quality of the textile matters even more. Keep it classy with high-quality materials.

5. Wear cut-out dresses with unexpected flashes of skin. Putting your legs, shoulders, and boobs on display is predictable. Flip the tables by showing off areas of your body that don’t see that much sunshine, like the sides of your stomach and your back. Dresses with strategic cut-outs are super trendy right now, and are an easy way to reveal the right amount of flesh.

6. Crop your top.
You don’t need Gwen Stefani’s abs to rock the latest crop tops, which only show a sliver of skin. Designed to be worn with high waisted pants, today’s crop tops highlight the area around your lower rib cage – which is probably the thinnest part of your body.

7. Last but not least, ladies: Don’t let your cheeks hang out. If strangers can see the crease between your legs and your butt, your shorts are too short. You don’t need to try that hard – save that crease for someone special to see instead.

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