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Bad Date TV: Don’t Be a Dating Don’t! Ep.1 Starring Bad Date Ben and Bad Date Betty.

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Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Wearing Sweatpants on a Date?

Manhattan Dude Who Refuses to Date Sweatpants-Wearers Inspires Potential Girlfriend to Write to Advice Columnist

The Washington Post’s Carolyn Hax received this letter from a troubled Manhattanite:

So I’ve been casually dating this guy from work. There’s so much chemistry between us, he’s funny and smart, and I think I’m starting to fall for him.

But something he said at dinner irked me — he made some comment about how un-sexy sweat pants are, and how if the person he’s dating ever wears them, it’s a “deal breaker.”

Well, so far he’s never seen me in sweat pants. But I wear them; they’re comfortable around the house. I asked, “What if a person is feeling sick or just lounging around their apartment?” He made a grimace that said, “Still not okay.” I just feel unsettled now. He does pay a lot of attention to what I wear and suggests clothes that will make me look better. Personal quirk or red flag?

Confused in Manhattan

Though Carolyn penned a perfectly wonderful response to this distressed lady, we have one of our own, because sweatpants are a topic that is dear to our hearts.

Dear Confused in Manhattan,

Unless this guy rescinds the comment (and if he truly is funny, maybe he was just being sarcastic and this was lost on you?), you have no choice but to dump him. Maybe immaturely by means of electronic communication. Because come spring, you’re going to want to wear sweatpants with heels and leather vests and stuff out on the town, possibly on dates. And you will look damn sexy doing so, but if this guy can’t see that now, he has no business being in your good company or engaging in verbal communication with you.

You might argue that maybe he would be fine with designer drop-crotch sweatpants by someone like Alexander Wang instead of non-drop-crotch KMart sweatpants. But if he’s renouncing the garment outright to you, that implies he thinks you are a non-drop-crotch designer sweats kind of girl. We can’t have that, obviously. (And for the record, designer sweats are cheap at sample sales.)

Also, this guy sounds like a total phony. You know if he were at home with swine flu he would not be curled up in front of Oprah wearing his Brooks Brothers slacks and his Tucker Blair turquoise polo. Okay, maybe he doesn’t wear sweats in this situation, but he probably wears something worse — like a lobster-print thermal onesie from Tucker Blair. If he lies to you about wearing lounging garments, think of what else he could be lying about. One day you might wake up to a text message from him on December 24 that’s all, “Sorry, I can’t come to Christmas at your parents’ house because I forgot this is the weekend of my Fire Island Nudist Club retreat in St. Barts.”

Lastly, no one should tell you what to wear, so we’ll relay to you this true story: This one time, a lovely girl went to dinner with her significant other and his parents and wore Alex Wang sweatpants, with heels, and other dressy-ish stuff. This being a preppy family, there were comments made that weren’t relayed to the lady until later, like, “She wore SWEATPANTS? To DINNER?!” At which point the lady told her man, “Sweatpants are stylish, and get used to them because I’m going to be wearing them all spring. This is how I express myself.” And he said, “I love you how you are.” And they have relished the awkwardness and irony of the garment — together — ever since. If that’s not love, what is?
The Cut

Why’s this guy sweating the small stuff? [WP]

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender – Overheard: Bad Pickup Lines

By Jack Elliot

You know the story. A girl walks into a bar. A guy walks in after her. Guy sits next to girl. Guy says to girl…(insert clever punch line here).

As a bartender, I have had countless chances to watch this classic and age old scenario play out a number of times with all sorts of results. And, with the things I’ve heard come out of guys mouths (who are in all honesty and sincerity trying to strike up conversation), you would think they were trying to take the comedic route and use clever punch lines.

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Friday’s Dating Do or Don’t? – Should a Woman Pay?

A dating do or a dating don’t?

Is it OK for a woman to pay for a date?

You Can Win… Tell Us Your Worst Bad Date Story

Tell us your worst bad date story on the Facebook fan page wall to win a signed copy of Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel.

Contest runs from now September 1st, 2010 through November 1st, 2010.

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Friday’s Do or Don’t? — Friending Your Ex on Facebook

You are bitter, you also feel hurt, betrayed and yes he cheated on you,  and now he wants to be your friend on Facebook!

A dating do or a dating don’t?

Kate Miller – Heidke “Are You F***ing Kidding Me?” The Facebook Song

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Does Your Cocktail Send Out a Dating and Mating Message?

By Jack Elliot

“One whiskey coke when you get a chance, man.” “Hi, I would like a very dry apple martini. Remember, very dry.” “Just whatever good beer you have on tap works for me.” Hi yes, I’ll take a mojito, with extra mint leaves.”

Orders like these are just some of the things one will hear jumbled into the conversation near the vicinity of pretty much any bar on any given night (not to mention a fair share of gimmicky pick up lines). Which has got me to thinking, how much can you tell about a person from the type of drink they order? Based just off drink preference alone, which type of person do you think you would you avoid? Which type of person would you be interested in? From my casual observations of some casual drinkers over a couple of nights, I’ve developed three categories of how a drink order can define a personality.

The high maintenance drinker. This is the classic case. For women, they can be seen anxiously trying to order such drinks as cosmopolitans, lemon drops, Washington apples, long islands, and the like. For men, it’s usually mojitos and margaritas. What is most striking about this demographic is the similarity between the taste of their drink and their outside appearance. Meaning, this type of person’s drink is usually full of various fruity flavors, in order to mask the taste of the alcohol; not unlike the persons themselves (at least, according to my humble observations), who can typically be found wearing not an insignificant amount of makeup, fancy clothes, perfume, and cologne- in order to mask…well, you get the idea. End result: an outrageous tab.

The perfect mix. Ah, just my type. For women, it is usually a simple, standard vodka mixed drink (or perhaps the occasional whiskey or tequila). For men, its almost religiously a jack and coke, gin and tonic, or something along those lines. With this type of laidback drink, you can actually taste what you’re getting, there are no fruity masks. In my opinion, this type of drink-orderer is out and about for the right reasons, to enjoy their drinks, hang out, get a taste of what’s out there, and have a good time. End result: a night to remember.

The Bomber. Uh oh. I’m sure you know the type. This type of drinker is generally (but not always) masculine and can be found ordering such bad ideas as: Irish Car Bombs, Jager Bombs, Mind Erasers, and Cement Mixers. The thing here is to realize that the person who orders and relishes in any drink whose title involves weapons or strange machinery is probably not going to be the type of person you’d want to engage in conversation (unless it’s to tell them to clean up their curdled mess). End result: a wicked hangover.

My advice in three words, “keep it simple.”

Tuesday’s Topic: A Dating Fashion Do or Don’t — Men Wearing Jeggings?-

Tuesday’s Topic: Gals would you date a man wearing Jeggings and fellas would wear Jeggings — A dating do or a dating don’t?

Weird Trend from Men’s Fashion Week: Jeggings

The runways for RTW Spring 2011 in Milan this past week have been littered with man-jeggings. (Neologism = meggings?) And T’s The Moment blog just confirmed it with a tweet: “Jeggings- new term coined for all the jean and trouser-like leggings and super slim, tight pants being shown here this season.”

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Bad Date TV: Bad Date Ben – Cougar Catcher

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Sunday Funnies: Sick of Dating

Sick of Dating – Chick Comedy

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