Uncomfortable Topics…

Host Andrea Syrtash discusses such topics that come up when dating as who should pay on the first date, breaking up, ending dates, and the follow up after a date that you may not want to see again.

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Profile Pic Impostures!


Great advice from guest blogger Shantelle – Yes, I agree 100% keep it real!

By Shantelle Y. Taylor (Pictured above – She is a babe!)

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Weekly Bathrobe Rant – Yikes it’s Man Crack!

Weekly Bathrobe Rant on “man crack.”
I was at a conference this week and a man sat down in front of me…
Half of his butt was showing — let this video act as some good dating tips and relationship advice for men on the topic of Man Crack. YIKES!

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A Man’s Thoughts on Men and Porn


Today Eric of Eric031.com is guest blogging on the BadOnlineDates.com blog and he will be talking/writing about men and “sexy films” aka porn!

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Weekly Bathrobe Rant – Google Stalking is Creepy!

I recently was getting to know a guy that ended up to be a Google stalker.

In the world of dating and giving advice for dating and relationship tips I pretty much equate Google stalking to fall right in the neighborhood of also being an Internet stalker.

Just don’t go there! It’s CREEPY!

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SNL Digital Short: J*** in My Pants

Oh my goodness, everything about this just feels…
As I laugh out loud… Wrong?
Anyway, it’s quite funny and I figured it was a good way to kick off the weekend.

However I do have to say, talk about a “bad date.”
Guys just don’t go there!

SNL Digital Short: J*** in My Pants
Saturday Night Live
Excerpt (s.34 : ep.10)|02:40|
Too much excitement to contain.

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Weekly Bathrobe Rant – Sex and Stink!

This weeks bathrobe rant is about, woman’s perfume and men’s cologne scent.
And how too much “stink” may scare off a potential mate.
Don’t be that “stinky” person.

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Dating Don’t – A True Life Story – Man Picks & Eats Boogers!

I was on a plane last week sitting next to a guy who was a complete nose picker.

It got me thinking to include this true life story as a video blog for dating and relationship tips.

While this may seem obvious — I think to remind people that picking and flicking nose boogers is disgusting and makes for extremely valuable singles dating advice.

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Bad Date Jan – Sloppy Drunk & Sex? Episode 6

BadOnlineDates.com Presents Bad Date TV.

Bad Date Jan – Sloppy Drunk & Sex? Episode 6

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Dating and Cars…

Does the car you drive get you dates?

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