Tuesday’s Topic: Best Ways to Detox After a Bad Date #DateDetox

By Shilo Urban

Bad dates can leave lingering feelings of hopelessness and disgust, not to mention a dent on your self-esteem. Whether your date leered at the waitress while picking his nose, talked all night about his ex’s body piercings or insisted you check out the hair sculpture collection he carries in his man-purse, bad dates happen. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Reasons I’m Not Calling You Back

By WisdomIsMisery

Since the dawn of man, women have been asking themselves and anyone who will listen, which is unfortunately for him, usually another man trapped in the dreaded friend zone who wishes he were the former man, “why doesn’t he call me back?” Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Still Single at 40

By: Laurie Davis, Founder of eFlirt Expert

Your Mamma wasn’t lying when she said “You are the company you keep.” And I’m not just talking about falling in with the party crowd who sneak out their bedroom windows – this gem of parental wisdom goes far beyond your high school days. When you’re 40 and the last of the Mohicans of your single friends, it’s relevant all over again. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Biggest Turn-offs After Getting to Know Him

By Kelly Seal

I have always been attracted to confident men. After all, they know what they’re doing when it comes to pursuing romance. I dated one in particular who wooed me with charm: he was smart, handsome, and fun to be around. He made me laugh, dressed well, opened doors, and he had no problem giving me compliments. What’s not to like? Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Everyone Deserves Better

By Simone Grant

I was recently reminded of a (wonderful) old post by my dear friend Singlegal that included a description of a date she had when she was newly single:

“About a year ago, I was sitting in my car and listening to a guy I was “dating” talk about how he’s never been to the dentist. This guy was overweight, self-centered, immature, shiftless and occasionally, a little smelly….On this occasion, I was taking him to meet up with a couple of friends of mine. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Mismatched Sexual Desires

By The Single Mom’s Dating Diary

If you’re actively dating, I suggest you run to the gadget store at the mall and invest in a Freak-o-meter. Obviously, I’m joking about that, there isn’t such a thing but I wish there was because it would make dating a whole lot easier.

If I could invent one, it would have a range of 1 to 10 and you could do a reading of both yourself and your date and know how compatible you would be with each other. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: My Kids Dislike Who I’m Dating

By The Single Mom’s Dating Diary

My kids don’t like the person I’m seeing. What I learned the hard way after dealing with this tricky situation.

He was anxious to meet me after we traded a few emails and our first phone chat that lasted about two hours. At the end of the call he said, “I know this is rushing it a little but I can’t wait to meet you. Can you meet me tomorrow night?” Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Meeting the Parents Do’s and Don’ts

By Aubrey Mayne

I will never forget the day when while riding in the back of my mother’s mini van next to my boyfriend, my mother turned around without prompting and out of the blue ask him, “Your not kissing her… dirty, are you?”

Ever since then it is no surprise that the “meeting of the parents” marker has daunted me whenever in a relationship. It’s not just my parent’s unpredictable manor of “getting to know” my boyfriends that makes me nervous, it’s also the meeting of his wellspring that can be nerve-wracking. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: I Blew Her Off Because…

Blowing Off Date

By J.R. Reed aka Sexandthesingledad

There are times guys think with the head on their shoulders and times they think with the one between their thighs. When it comes to women, chances are about 50-50 that we will make the wrong decision when thinking with the brain. As bad as that sounds, it’s much better than the 95% failure rate we have when we let our junk do our thinking for us. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: (Flashback) Life, Love, Pain and Dating

By Jennifer Kelton

It was 2:44 A.M. when, for the third night in a row, I woke up with beyond extreme pain (the kind I would not wish on my worst enemy) from a root canal that I had just had days before. As I shuffled, with my bed head hair, blurry eyes and freshly washed fluffy white slippers, to the dark bathroom for some pain reliever in a child proof safety capped bottle, it was all too obvious how much it sucks, and at times is particularly scary, Click here to read more…

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