Tuesday’s Topic: 9 Telltale Signs Your Partner is Cheating

By David Wygant

It’s a cold hard fact. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, one of you may stray.  Now if you’re the person who is into the relationship and who is working really hard on the relationship, but you just feel like your partner isn’t really there, then that partner of yours may be cheating. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Disgusting Dating Habits

By Kelly Seal

Maybe you’re a single man who’s hot, successful, or some form of a great catch. However, you can’t seem to make it past the first date or two, and can’t understand why. Instead of assuming the problem is with your dates, maybe you should consider the possibility that it’s with you. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Dating in a Facebook World

By Julie Spira

Hooking up and breaking up in a web 2.0 world — What started years ago in chat rooms has shifted to Facebook, now considered the largest online dating site for many. I’ve often said that the Facebook relationship status change is the most powerful one on the social media giant. We’ve become voyeuristic as we watch friends and acquaintances change their status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” to “It’s Complicated” and back to “Single” where we both cheer them on when they find love and feel sad for their public breakup. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Dating a 36-Year-Old Virgin

By JR Reed

A 36-year-old female virgin. I knew she existed. It’s just that I had never met one in person. I assumed she would be hideous in some way, but this one wasn’t. Not at all. This one was a cute, personable Latina. She was quick to make friends and her social calendar was always full. This wasn’t a chick who stayed home on Friday nights, curled up with the cats watching Lifetime or Oxygen. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: First Date Table Manners

First Date Table Manners

By Kari DePhillips

It’s your first date and you’re going to dinner (hopefully, it’s somewhere more upscale than Arby’s). You may be nervous. If you’re not, maybe you should be — but don’t worry. This guide will tell you everything you need to know and then some about table manners. Avoid these faux pas, and you’ll likely score a second date:

Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Like, Love or Dopamine – Part 3

Book Excerpt – Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel

By Jennifer Kelton

Following lust is the romantic love stage. Fisher explains that romantic love is “not an emotion. Rather it’s a motivation system. It’s a drive. It’s part of the reward system of the brain.”Dopamine and PEA levels begin to rise,increasing our excitement about the person we desire. “Sex elevates testosterone levels which then rev up the dopamine.” The reason we feel elated when we think of our new love, Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Like, Love or Dopamine – Part 2

Book Excerpt – Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel

By Jennifer Kelton

Oxytocin is a peptide of nine amino acids that was, until recently, thought only to induce labor, lactation and bonding between a mother and child. Now it is believed to be instrumental in attachment between romantic partners as well. It is secreted by the pituitary gland, stimulating the brain and reproductive glands of both men and women. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Like, Love or Dopamine – Part 1

Book Excerpt – Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel

By Jennifer Kelton

‘What is love?’ Shakespeare mused.The Great bard was not the first to ask. I suspect our ancestors pondered this question a million years ago as they sat around their campfires of lay and watched the stars.
—Helen Fisher,Why We Love

IT WAS ANOTHER picturesque summer night along the Southern California coast. I sat at the bar of the Mercedes Grill, one of my favorite work spots, while listening to freshly downloaded hip-hop on my iPod and reading over a massive stack of notes about the chemical reactions that occur during the various stages of human love. A man sporting a huge, unkempt mustache and tacky, black rayon Hawaiian shirt Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: 4 Awesome Online Dating Games

By Kari DePhillips

Whether you’re new or old to the world of online dating, you’ve probably seen or played an online dating game. These games span many different genres, but typically take the form of the user romancing various people in order to find true love. Other games show up at game shows that have actual people interacting to win the person of their dreams. Here are four of the best online dating games: Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Cheating — is it Ever Okay?

By Kari DePhillips

We all make mistakes, and cheating can be one of them. Cheating can ruin relationships, destroy trust and make you look like a first-class a-hole. If word gets out that you’re a cheater, you can develop an unsavory reputation that can be hard to shake. That said, is cheating ever okay?

No, not really.

A Symptom of a Larger Problem
If you’re tempted to cheat, it could mean that your relationship is headed to Splittsville (Population: 2). Being tempted to stray is usually a symptom of larger problems – and you should take an objective look at yourself and your relationship, Click here to read more…

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